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Interviewed by local newspaper Bon Dia Aruba

Got interviewed by Yakari Gabriel for the newspaper Bon Dia Aruba. Published on 19th of September 2016. Interview (PDF)


Active Arts Kids Camp 2016

This is the second year of Kids Camp at Scol di Arte. For a week long 92 kids (age 6 ~ 12) participated in different activities like dance/hip-hop, painting, graffiti, visual arts, music, hand crafts etc. These pictures were taken on the last day. This is an UNOCA project (


New website design

I just went live with a new design and still working on details and have yet to put more content… but it’s a start!

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Here are some things that you should know about me.

Anuar Habibe

I love the idea of capturing the everyday life as it is. As it is happening before you.

My pictures are storytelling and artistic. I love Black & White Photography, Street Photography and yes Coffee too.